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Even More Dental Myths

Nov 8, 2022

We’ve done a couple of blog posts now with various dental myths. Turns out there are so many myths we hear that we have enough for more blogs. 

So here are a few more dental myths for you to enjoy. 


Teeth Whitening Will Damage Your Enamel


This is not a 100% myth as there is a little bit of fact in this one. Some teeth whiteners can damage your enamel and you should use them with caution. However, professional teeth whitening like Zoom whitening does not damage your enamel. 


Baby Teeth Cavities Don’t Need To Be Addressed


Even though baby teeth will eventually come out when adult teeth are ready to erupt that does not mean that they don’t need the same attention as permanent teeth. If you child has a cavity it can still cause them pain and affect their eating and drinking habits. Don’t forget that some baby teeth don’t come out until kids are teenagers and that is a long time to be in pain. Your family dentist will be able to fill these cavities and keep your child in good dental health. 


A Lot Of Sugar Rots Your Teeth


This one is also sort of true. Sugar is indeed not good for your teeth. Some people think it is the amount of sugar you consume that is the issue. The real culprit is how long the sugar stays on your teeth. If you are brushing twice a day and brushing properly you can avoid a lot of issues with your teeth.


Everyone Requires The Same Dental Care


Some people think that no matter your age or your health, everyone gets the same dental care. Although regular cleanings are important for everyone there are some demographics that require more care. This is especially true for diabetics. Due to the higher blood sugar diabetics produce, this can affect their teeth, meaning it is even more important that they visit the dentist regularly. 

Have you heard of any of these myths before? Are you surprised by some of them? If you ever have questions about your oral health make sure to ask your dental professional. 

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