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How Important Is It For My Kid To Wear A Sports Mouthguard?

Aug 3, 2022

School is starting up again which means that kids are heading back to their sports seasons. We all know there are a variety of options for them to choose from when planning their activities for the year. You also likely know that some of those activities might require your child (or even you) to wear a protective mouthguard.

You might be asking yourself, is it really that important for my kid to wear a mouthguard? Yes, you should absolutely make sure your child not only has a mouthguard but also that it is a quality one. We know there are a lot of expenses that come with school and sports supplies and those things start to add up. However, trust us when we say that the expense of a mouth guard is a lot less than dealing with knocked out teeth. This is especially true when it is estimated that over three million kids’ teeth are knocked out each year while playing sports.

What Sports Require A Mouthguard?









Mountain Biking

What Are The Different Types Of Mouthguards?

Custom Mouthguards

These types of mouthguard are made from special materials at a dental office. They are specifically designed for the person wearing them. This is the most expensive type of mouthguard but also the most comfortable and provide the most protection.


This is typically the least expensive and easiest to find mouth protector. You can usually find these in sporting goods stores. Pre-formed protectors are one-size-fits-all and can be bulky and do not provide the best protection.

Boil And Bite

If you grind your teeth you might also be familiar with this type of mouthguard. Because these are softened in hot water and then molded to your teeth they tend to be more comfortable, and while wearing them it will be easier to talk than a pre-formed mouth protector. This is your middle of the road option.

We’re sure you still have questions like,

“What age should my kid be to wear a mouthguard?”

Typically kids aged 8-12 benefit the most but really any age can benefit from wearing one.

“What if my kid wears braces?”

Yes, your child can still use a mouth protector. Please note that if your child does wear braces it would be a good idea to discuss options with their dental provider.

The bottom line is this: The American Dental Association says that more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented each year by wearing a mouthguard. Not only do they protect you or your child’s teeth they also protect lips, tongues, and even faces. So, when you’re about to hit the field, remember your helmet, your pads, your googles or whatever other gear you need and don’t forget that mouthguard!

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