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Staying Safe and Confident During COVID-19

Apr 1, 2021

Safety First! This adage rings truer now than ever before. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have all been diligent in making our lives as germ-free as possible. Protecting ourselves and those around us has become a priority, and a necessity. Even after a year of the pandemic, it is still common for people to be nervous when they must venture out into public places. But we at Franck Dental do not want our patients to feel that way or have any hesitation when their appointment time comes along. So, to be sure you know our office is a safe and healthy environment, we would like to share the safety protocols we have implemented to put your mind at ease before you step into the office for your dental procedure.

Since COVID-19 can spread through respiratory droplets dispersed into the air, keeping the airflow clean in our office is key, which is why we have installed an air purification system. Every treatment room is now equipped with HEPA air filtration fans. These fans run the air through a filtration system every four minutes, clearing away germ particles that may be present. This assures that the air you breathe is clean and fresh.

Our sterilization protocols for cleaning are more thorough now than ever before. We are putting extra effort into sanitizing and disinfecting everything from chairs and office equipment to countertops and door handles and doing so more often. Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the office, and spot-cleaning in specific areas is always done immediately should the need arise.

Wearing a mask or face covering since the outbreak of COVID-19 has always been required for everyone who enters our establishment as directed by the CDC. We adhere to a strict policy that masks be worn at all times by staff as well as patients when they are not having a procedure done. As an extra precaution, our staff is taking mask-wearing and personal protection one step further by changing their PPE between every patient. We feel that doing this makes everyone a little more at ease and relaxed.

A proven way to keep the spread of COVID down is to limit the number of people gathered in an enclosed area. With that in mind, we have reduced our patient-to-patient interaction as much as possible by limiting the number of people allowed in our office at any given time. This may mean family members must wait in their car instead of inside, but by following this guideline we are all doing our part to deter the spread of the virus.

We are also very excited to announce that our entire office staff has received the COVID-19 vaccine! This is our way of saying we value the safety and health of both our patients and those who serve you.

You now know what our staff is doing to keep you safe when visiting the dentist, but what do we expect from you, the patient? Of course, if you are feeling sick or have a fever, we kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment for when you are well. If you show no signs of illness, we can’t wait to see you! All patients will go through a COVID-19 screening which is done for every appointment. A quick temperature check will be performed at the door. We also have a COVID screening form for patients to fill out. The form can be completed beforehand and is available by clicking the link below:

Covid Disclosure Form

We hope that knowing all the precautions we are taking will help you relax when it’s time to visit us. If you are still a bit uneasy, we understand! You can call our office any time during business hours to talk about your concerns. We will do the best we can to put your mind at ease.

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